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Dr. Karbowski

My goal is to partner with you to work towards a healthier version of yourself while removing the obstacles that make healthcare a hassle.

Membership Benefits

Discover the benefits of becoming a member. No copays. Quick access to Your Doctor. Learn more about what is covered.

Simple Pricing

Transparent pricing so you always know what to expect. No surprise fees. Learn more about our pricing.

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefis
Membersip Fees

Membership Fee

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  • Family Rate $179​​/mo

    • Includes 2 adults and 2 children​

    • Each additional child living in the home is $25/mo

    • Children enrolled under the Family Plan must be under age 18 and reside in the home or be in at least half-time educational matriculation if living outside the home.

  • Couple Rate $129/mo

    • Couples enrolled under the Couple Plan must reside in the same household.

  • Individual Rates​

    • Age 0-17 years $29.00/mo with sponsoring parent

    • Age 18-35 years $49.00/mo

    • Age 35-50 years $69.00/mo

    • Age 50+ years $89.00/mo

  • One time $75 enrollment fee.

Medicare/Medicaid patients: in accordance with Medicare regulations all services rendered to Medicare patients will be billed to Medicare according to CMS guidelines. You will not be charged a monthly membership fee.


Would you like to offer direct primary care to your employees?  We serve businesses of any size!

Contact us about discounts for businesses with 5+ employees enrolled.

Additional Services Provided

Additonal Services
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  • DOT Physicals are available by appointment for $100

  • Sports Physicals are available by appointment for $75

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